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Crucial Attributes To Help You Choose the Right Book Cover Size

For many authors, their books fail to perform well in the market as a result of the types of covers they choose. To entice many people to read a particular book, one of the major contributors is the book cover. The cover design and size is one essential aspect to consider when you are an author to make your book become a best seller. After you are done in design, the next crucial thing for a book cover is the size. Here is a guide on how to come up with the best book cover.

The first thing to help you with the perfect book cover is the content of the book itself. Different authors have different content when it comes to writing a book. This, therefore, requires to have a cover depending on the content of the book. Hence, anytime an author is choosing the book cover size, it is advisable to design a cover that would accommodate the entire content of the book.

The other aspect to put into consideration when choosing a book cover size as an author is the fonts. When it comes to font style and size, various authors have different taste and preference. For this reason, it is advisable to consider this when selecting the book cover size. You should have the book cover size that will include all the fonts you need to have on the book cover without congestion. This way, the book title, the author name, a brief introduction to the book and copyright information can be displayed properly.

Another determinant when it comes to choosing a book cover size is the book genre. With proper research, you will find that various book genres will have varying sizes for the book cover. For instance, kids' books will have longer and informative covers, unlike any other book genres. Therefore, you need to identify your position in terms of genre as an author in order to plan well on the right book cover size.

The cover designer also plays a role in the book cover size. When you compare different book cover designers, you will find that their skills are diverse in terms of designs. For this reason, each designer has their preferred cover size for them to include all the info that is required to be on the book. Therefore, it is important as an author to consider all these factors when choosing a book cover size. Click here for more:

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